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Why Your Nonprofit Needs Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

The primary role of nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance is to maintain financial stability, provide the necessary resources, direction, and vision to help accomplish the goals and mission of the organization. The unique nature of nonprofit organizations presents Directors and Officers with difficult challenges in performing this role.

Nonprofit Directors & Officers Insurance and Your Personal Liability


We get a ton of questions about how Nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance works and who is at risk, when they are at risk and when they are at risk.  I’ve culled out the top three most common questions and provided brief answers to help you better understand the issues at hand.

Nonprofit Insurance - GL vs. D&O Insurance Coverage

reading glasses

With so much insurance industry jargon thrown around by brokers sometimes it's hard to understand the distinctions between insurance coverages for nonprofits.  Two key coverages in the nonprofit insurance arsenal are General Liability Insurance and Directors and Officers Insurance.  They both provide very different yet critical coverage.

Directors and Officers Liability: 3 Case Studies

directors and officers

The truth is that we don't see very many Directors and Officers Liability insurance claims and when we do they are usually related to an employment situation.  However, when we do see a claim they are usually quite large and take a long time to litigate. 

Non Profit Insurance and the Volunteer Protection Act


We get a lot of questions from Nonprofits about whether or not they need nonprofit insurance and specifically Directors & Officers Insurance.  Many believe they don't need it because they are protected by the Volunteer Protection Act either at the Federal or State level.

3 Key Board Practices that Effect Your Nonprofit D&O Insurance

nonprofit insurance board practices

A good Board of Directors is almost as good as the funding in terms of running a nonprofit organization.  A key part of your nonprofit insurance is the Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Coverage.  This is generally very easy to get and usually fairly inexpensive.  However, this can change in an instant if there is a claim and/or the insurance company sees that your Directors & Officers do not employ good board practices.

Directors Insurance: Do you understand the risks your board faces?

directors liability insurance

Nonprofit organizations cannot survive without a strong board of directors.  However, having a board of directors comes with certain inherent risks associated with electing officers, adopting organization policies and making financial decisions.  Even when acting in good faith volunteer board members can make mistakes and sometimes these mistakes can affect their personal financial status.

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