Directors & Officers Liability (D&O)

Non-profit directors and officers (D&O) insurance provides coverage for protection for exposures that are not covered by your non-profit general liability policy or related policies. Non-profit directors and officers insurance covers claims and lawsuits associated with the actual or alleged bad management decisions made by the board of directors. The coverage can include the mismanagement of the non-profit’s funds, failure to provide particular programs or services, etc.
Most (but not all) non-profit directors and officers insurance policies also cover employment related practices claims and lawsuits. The coverage can include claims of harassment, discrimination, wrongful terminations, etc. Note that the coverage extends to claims made by volunteers and third parties as well as employees.


Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Employment practices liability (EPL) insurance covers claims and lawsuits related to harassment, discrimination, wrongful terminations, etc. It usually includes some coverage for volunteers and third parties as well as your employees.

Professional Liability Coverage

Non-profit professional liability insurance provides coverage for claims and lawsuits associated with your miscellaneous non-profit professional activities. This would include activities such as teaching, counseling, consulting, and related activities. It is typically not meant to replace errors and omissions coverage for professionals like accountants and lawyers and it does not provide any medical malpractice coverage.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage limits over other types of non-profit liability insurance. It is primarily meant to increase the limit of your general liability coverage but can also go over your auto liability, directors and officers liability, professional liability, and/or workers’ compensation.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for employees in the event of injury, illness, or death. The benefits include medical costs, disability income, death benefits, and job retraining. In most states, it is required by law.

Auto Insurance

Non-profit auto insurance provides coverage for the ownership of vehicles and can be extended to provide coverage to non-owned vehicles. It covers the liability associated with at-fault accidents within an owned or non-owned vehicle. It can also include coverage for the damage to the vehicles you own.

General Liability

Non-profit general liability insurance provides coverage for claims and lawsuits associated with bodily injury to a third party or damage to someone’s property. The insured must be negligent (or legally responsible) in causing the bodily injury or property damage.

Volunteer Accident Coverage

Non-profit volunteer accident insurance provides coverage to volunteers if they are injured during their service to your organization. It is usually in excess of their own medical insurance and provides reimbursement of medical costs. It can also include coverage for loss of limbs or loss of life.

Cyber Liability

Non-profit cyber liability insurance provides coverage for instances when your computer security systems are compromised and sensitive data is stolen. It covers the costs to protect the people affected by the breach with resources such as credit monitoring.

International Coverage

Non-profit international insurance provides coverage for your operations outside of the United States. It is similar to general liability but can also include other coverage such as auto liability and volunteer protection.

Property Coverage

Property insurance provides coverage for the loss of or damage to the property you own. This property can include your building and your organization’s personal property (furniture, equipment, electronics, inventory, etc.) among other things.
Note: Actual policies must be consulted for specific terms and conditions.

Employee/Volunteer Handbook

Detailed employee and volunteer handbooks are essential in establishing rules and expectations for the workplace. When properly written and executed, they become critical risk management tools. Templates and professional referrals are available.

Note: Actual policies must be consulted for specific terms and conditions.

Risk Management Tools & Other Services:

Loss Control Assessments

Use these tools and templates to determine what insurance products and risk management procedures are needed. We provide information and guidance to assist you in detailed risk management assessment procedures, including everything from simple self-assessment tools to on-site evaluations.

Risk Management Services

A variety of tools, services, and coaching services to help with the development and refinement of your risk management program are available—everything from pamphlets, videos, and webinars to on-site training.

Training and Education

From videos, webcasts, white papers, and in-person presentations, we provide the tools you need for the training and education of your employees and volunteers. You’ll get referrals to carrier developed education programs as well.

Training and Education

We provide direct, comprehensive consultation in every area of insurance and risk management. Every consultation is personalized and addresses the specific concerns of the particular organization seeking input.

Forms, Templates, etc

Gain access to hundreds of useful templates, forms, and editable guides, pamphlets, and applications.

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

You’ll have access to discounted MVR checks for your employees and volunteers and we provide guidance on the correct way to secure permission to do these checks.

Safety Plans

Access a variety of safety plan templates from multiple sources that apply to an array of situations and are a fundamental part of the process of keeping your employees, volunteers, and property safe and your operations intact.

Vehicle Monitoring and Driver Training

Access a number of resources for driver safety training and on-board vehicle monitoring. Training and tracking your drivers is an essential part of any risk management plan.

7 Key Insurance Facts for Non-Profits

Understanding some basic ins and outs of your non-profit insurance coverage can help you know what questions to ask your insurance broker.