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Struggling to get your questions answered and get the right coverage for your nonprofit?

Overwhelming processes. Confusing jargon. Pushy salespeople. Lack of customer service. Every nonprofit needs a well-designed insurance program, but the traditional way of buying insurance is outdated.

By combining exclusive insurance products for nonprofits, the convenience of technology, and a passion to serve — not sell — we’ve enhanced coverage and simplified the insurance process for over 1,000 nonprofits nationwide.


What Makes SteelBridge Different

  • Nonprofit Insurance Specialists who understand your needs
  • Exclusive access to insurance products created for nonprofits
  • Virtual 24/7 access to your insurance information via a Client Portal
  • Free value added risk management services

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"Customer Services has been top-notch."

Laura S. National Charity League

"Very responsive and always gets me the information I need."

Anna E., Vacaville Neighborhood Boys& Girls Club

"It is always a pleasure to work with SteelBridge, whenever we have a question or a problem to tackle they are consistently quick to respond."

CFO at an Environmental Nonprofit

"My broker at SteelBridge is so great if we had the same blood type I would give her my kidney if she needed it!"

Lisa S., Philadelphia Folksong Society

"Always been very responsive to my questions and requests. Always look out for the best deals on policies."

Ron T., Young Imaginations

How It Works



Consult with a specialist that only works with nonprofits so that you can easily create the best insurance plan to protect your organization's unique risks.


Nonprofits require coverages that are only available through certain insurance companies and are usually misunderstood by mainstream brokers. Through SteelBridge you have access to insurance programs designed specifically for nonprofits.


The less money you spend on insurance the more money you have to spend on your mission and programs. We help you create an insurance program that fits your budget.
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Our Promise to You

  • NO pushy sales people
  • NO confusing insurance jargon
  • NO complicated processes
  • JUST friendly, helpful Nonprofit Insurance Specialists

Your Nonprofit Insurance Specialists

The unique needs and challenges of nonprofits aren’t just something we understand. It’s the world we help our clients navigate everyday.


The Nuts & Bolts of Insurance for Nonprofits

Your Essential Guide to Creating a Customized Insurance Program for Your Organization


“Do I have all the coverage I need?”

Hidden gaps in your coverage — or not having any coverage at all — can lead to uncovered claims, lawsuits, or a threat to your nonprofit’s reputation. We see it everyday, which is why we’re here to help you build an insurance program that keeps you covered where you need it most.

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