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Nonowned Auto Liability - the most misunderstood nonprofit insurance coverage

Whether or not your organization owns vehicles you can have an auto claim or lawsuit brought against you.  This fact is one of the most misunderstood risk factors that nonprofits face.  However, it is easily mitigated by including Non-owned Auto Liability in your insurance program.  This coverage can cost as little as $250 per year and provide significant protection.
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The Dirty Secret of Auto Insurance for Nonprofits

If I had a penny for every nonprofit client who told me they don’t need auto insurance because they don’t own vehicles I would be a rich lady.  The secret is that auto insurance for your organization also applies to cars you DON’T own. Consider this claim that happened to one of my clients just last year.  One of their volunteers regularly drove her own car to run errands for the nonprofit. She […]
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Facts & Myths about Volunteer Drivers and Your Nonprofit Insurance

There are many, many misconceptions about how volunteer drivers using their own vehicles are covered on nonprofit insurance policies.  What we mostly see is that nonprofits adopt a “hope and a prayer” attitude about volunteer drivers.  That is to say they simply hope and pray that they are covered because they usually don’t understand how the coverage works and their broker hasn’t taken the time […]
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