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Independence Day Precautions: This Checklist Can Help

The 4th of July holiday is a nostalgic one for most of us.  I remember churning homemade ice cream with my father and the excited anticipation of the fireworks.  Most of us have similar memories and think the Independence Day holiday as the heart of summer activities.  Many nonprofit organizations host events and fundraisers centered around this important day and need to discuss their nonprofit […]
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11 Contract and Certificate of Insurance Essentials for Non-Profits

Most nonprofit organizations do business with independent contractors, vendors, and other third parties. It’s recommended (in all circumstances!) that you get a certificate of insurance from the third party. This protects the interests of your organization from claims and lawsuits that result from the actions or inactions of the third party that you have contracted with. A certificate of […]
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Are Additional Insureds putting your Nonprofit Insurance at Risk?

Your organization enters into contracts every day.  It’s a necessary to your mission.  But do you know how these contract affect your Nonprofit Insurance? Most contracts require your organization to have General Liability insurance at a minimum and most require you to name the third party (and perhaps others) as an Additional Insured.  There are usually other insurance and indemnity requirements […]
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Nonprofits, Insurance and Independent Contractors

There is a common misconception among nonprofits about what defines an Independent Contractor.  And there is even more confusion when we throw the nonprofit insurance into the mix.  The technical definition is:  “A person who contracts to do work for another person according to his or her own processes and methods; the contractor is not subject to another’s control except for what is specified in […]
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Insurance Defined: Waivers of Subrogation

Many business owners (me included!) sign contracts without carefully reading and understanding the terms and more importantly how contact terms effect their insurance programs and premiums.  It is important to have your insurance broker review the insurance requirements of every contract associated with your business and determine the ability to comply.  This is especially true when it comes to […]
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