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Employment Practices Liability Insurance Claims & Your Nonprofit

In the world of insurance for Nonprofits, Employment Practice’s Liability coverage is often overlooked and misunderstood. Most Directors and Officers policies written for Nonprofits include Employment Practices Liability coverage (EPL). So, you may have this coverage and not even know it. However, not all EPL policies offer the same coverages and benefits. This coverage accounts for nearly 95% of […]
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How Do Employment Practices Apply to Volunteers?

Many nonprofits rely on volunteers in addition to paid employees to achieve their goals. However, nonprofits should take pains to understand what the true legal difference is between these two types of workers. The simple difference is that employees are paid and volunteers are not, but several factors affect the legal definition. Volunteer vs Employee: Who Qualifies? The Department of Labor uses […]
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Nonprofit Insurance 101: Employment Practices Liability (it's not just for employees)

    Your Employees, Volunteers and the third parties you work with all have certain rights under Federal, State, and local laws.  Specifically, they have the right to be treated fairly and equitably.  Your nonprofit could be subject to a claim or lawsuit if someone in your organization violates these protected rights.        Common Types of Violations: Breach of Employment Contract Sexual […]
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Nonprofit Directors & Officers Insurance Basics

General Information: All nonprofit corporations are vulnerable to a multitude of Directors and Officers (D&O) exposures from a variety of sources. Nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance is purchased so that competent professionals can serve as supervisors of nonprofit organizations without fear of personal financial loss. It is also purchased to protect organizational assets and the viability […]
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3 Things You Never Knew about Your Nonprofit Insurance

Let’s face it, insurance is complicated.  As much as we all would like it to be easy it’s just not.  It’s often difficult to know if your nonprofit insurance program has everything you need.  The best cure for that is education.  You don’t have to be an expert.  Just know enough to ask some important questions. The following are three very common misconceptions that our nonprofit clients have: […]
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Top 3 Employee Handbook No No’s and your Nonprofit Insurance

Having the appropriate and adequate Nonprofit Insurance is essential to the management of any nonprofit organization but it’s only one part of the whole risk management picture.  Another critical element is a comprehensive and functional Employee Handbook.  Employment policies that are communicated clearly and frequently to staff and applied consistently help you avoid litigation.   Further, […]
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