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Independence Day Precautions: This Checklist Can Help

The 4th of July holiday is a nostalgic one for most of us.  I remember churning homemade ice cream with my father and the excited anticipation of the fireworks.  Most of us have similar memories and think the Independence Day holiday as the heart of summer activities.  Many nonprofit organizations host events and fundraisers centered around this important day and need to discuss their nonprofit […]
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How to Mitigate Insurance Claims for Your Non-Profit’s Next Event

Most nonprofit organizations have events. These can be fundraising events, awareness events, volunteer or donor appreciation events, or other types of events. Because events differ from normal day-to-day operations, critical safety issues can be overlooked. On the scale of what causes the most claims for nonprofits, events rank in the top five. In fact, the worst claim that’s ever come through […]
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