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Why It’s Important to Work with a True Insurance Professional

It might seem pretty obvious. Most people go to a doctor if they are sick, partner with an accountant for their taxes, or see a lawyer if they need legal advice. Then why do so many nonprofits seek out counseling on their insurance program from an agent that sits on the board, from a board member’s friend, or some other random agency? The simple fact is that most insurance agents are not actually […]
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What Your Non-Profit Needs to Know about Certificates of Insurance

Every single nonprofit needs a certificate of insurance (COI) at one time or another. It’s a simple matter for to create this document for an organization but what the document represents is often anything but simple. It’s important to know the basics of certificates of insurance. It’s also important to know exactly what is being requested of you by third parties and how the provisions in your […]
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It Makes No Sense for Non-Profits to Buy Insurance from Generalists

A nonprofit exists to serve its specific community and to fulfill its mission. Most brokers are “generalists.” They may or may not have specific knowledge about the products they sell and the types of clients they sell to—that’s because often “selling” is all they care about. At best they may be able to offer advice on simple insurance products. What’s certain is that only a very small minority […]
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