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What Insurance Limits Does My Nonprofit Need?

This is a question we get frequently and it's impossible to answer.  We can't look into the future to see what might happen that would result in a claim and even if we could there is no way of knowing what the cost of that potential claim would be.  Coverage limit determinations are part of the overall risk analysis all nonprofits should do when reviewing their nonprofit insurance program. […]
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How Do Employment Practices Apply to Volunteers?

Many nonprofits rely on volunteers in addition to paid employees to achieve their goals. However, nonprofits should take pains to understand what the true legal difference is between these two types of workers. The simple difference is that employees are paid and volunteers are not, but several factors affect the legal definition. Volunteer vs Employee: Who Qualifies? The Department of Labor uses […]
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Small Claims are Big with your Nonprofit Insurance

  Small claims and innocent circumstances can have a negative effect on your nonprofit.   In all of our discussions about the big insurance picture and the big claims sometimes we forget to talk about the small claims and what can be done.      And, any discussion of insurance for nonprofits needs to include a discussion of risk management as well.  If you can avoid having a claim in the first […]
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Client Sexual Abuse: Insurance for Nonprofits Essential Coverage

Sexual abuse is a difficult and uncomfortable topic. Like so many things that are difficult to talk about critical steps to prevent problems are often left un-discussed. But uncomfortable or not Sexual Abuse is a topic that must be addressed by all social service organizations with direct client contact. Improper Sexual Conduct or Sexual Abuse coverage is a critical part of Insurance Coverage for […]
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Business General Liability Insurance Claims – What About Defense?

I just got off the phone with one of my clients who was very upset because he was served with a law suit this morning.  He owns a restaurant and one of his customers claims that she became sick after eating food fried in peanut oil.  This customer is claiming my client is negligent because the server did not tell her and the menu does not state that they use peanut oil and she is allergic to […]
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