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Nonowned Auto Liability - the most misunderstood nonprofit insurance coverage

Whether or not your organization owns vehicles you can have an auto claim or lawsuit brought against you.  This fact is one of the most misunderstood risk factors that nonprofits face.  However, it is easily mitigated by including Non-owned Auto Liability in your insurance program.  This coverage can cost as little as $250 per year and provide significant protection.
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Why does my Nonprofit need Hired and Non-Owned Auto?

Surprisingly, many nonprofit organizations do not see the need to add Hired and Non-Owned Auto coverage to their General Liability insurance program. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what these coverages actually provide. What is Hired and Non-Owned Auto? Non-Owned Auto Liability-Covers the organization for their liability when an employee or volunteer is driving for organization […]
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Why Your Non-Profit Needs Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance

When discussing insurance with new nonprofit clients, a standard recommended coverage is hired & non-owned auto insurance. Unfortunately, it is a highly misunderstood coverage and often gets put at the bottom of the insurance coverage priority list. Hired & non-owned auto coverage applies to vehicles you rent and/or to vehicles that are not owned by you but are used for your organization’s […]
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Controlling the Use of Non-Owned Autos for your Non-Profit

Virtually every nonprofit has some non-owned auto use exposure; privately owned autos are often used by volunteers or employees to run “errands” or some other organization business. This non-owned auto use creates a significant risk to the organization and is perhaps the most likely claim a nonprofit will ever have. It is critical that organizations not only control what types of driving are […]
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