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How are Nonprofit Insurance Premiums Determined

We speak with many nonprofits that want a ballpark premium estimate for their insurance or an endorsement.  Unfortunately, this is next to impossible for us.  While sometimes we provide very rough ballpark estimates for things based on our experience the actual premiums have to be determined by underwriters.  There are many factors that go into determining what your nonprofit insurance program […]
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Is Nonprofit Insurance Getting Harder to Find?

Yes, unfortunately nonprofit insurance is getting harder to find and purchase. Why? Two reasons… First, many insurance companies are discontinuing coverage for certain types of nonprofit organizations. These include, but aren’t limited to, youth programs, all types of shelters, rehab programs, animal related activities, and more. And, for those nonprofits who can maintain their current programs […]
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Why Nonprofit Insurance is Misunderstood

Nonprofit organizations and Nonprofit Insurance continue to be widely misunderstood both by consumers and by the insurance industry. Unfortunately, this creates a difficult situation for all nonprofit organizations in terms of uninsured risk, lack of coverage advice, and lack of coverage availability.
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Critical Strategies and Avoidable Pitfalls in Nonprofit Insurance Coverages

Nonprofits need insurance as part of their risk management strategy. However, buying insurance is not as simple as many organizations think. Nonprofits need to consider the risks specific to their mission and environment. Speaking with a knowledgeable insurance agent will help, but it is good to know some basics before beginning the insurance process. The following are several dos and don’ts for […]
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Do You Know the Top 4 Risks Affecting Nonprofit Fundraisers?

Many nonprofits don’t think of fundraising as an inherently risky process. This is in large part because two different departments handle risk management and fundraising. When these two teams operate without consulting one and other, it creates the potential for risky situations. Any organization relying on donations needs to familiarize themselves with the top fundraising risks so they can […]
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5 Types of Non-Profit Organizations That Work with Insurance Brokers

There are hundreds of different types of nonprofit organizations, all working in different sectors, but all providing help or services to certain populations. Regardless of the type, though, all nonprofits face certain risks and liabilities and all should purchase insurance in order to protect their organizations, board members, volunteers, properties, and bottom lines in the event that an […]
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