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Insurance and Animal Rescue Organizations

Nonprofit organizations that provide animal rescue or shelter services find themselves in a difficult situation when trying to acquire insurance. Insurance for animal-related organizations is just not readily available. Most insurance companies flat out refuse to insure any organization with significant animal exposure.
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Nonprofit Orgs need GL and D&O Insurance Coverage at a Minimum

I am approached by many nonprofits that say they need General Liability, or they need Directors & Officers Liability but not both. However, I always recommend both because these two coverages are the cornerstones of any effective nonprofit risk management and insurance program. These two coverages provide completely different types of insurance protections for your nonprofit organization.  It is […]
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5 Ways to Review Your Nonprofit Insurance

It’s important to review your nonprofit insurance policies periodically. The activities and operations of your nonprofit may change over time. And the coverages available to nonprofits may also change over time. As things evolve it’s critical that you manage risk by verifying that your coverage is up to date and addresses the unique needs of your organization. The easiest time to do this review […]
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Why Nonprofit Insurance is Misunderstood

Nonprofit organizations and Nonprofit Insurance continue to be widely misunderstood both by consumers and by the insurance industry. Unfortunately, this creates a difficult situation for all nonprofit organizations in terms of uninsured risk, lack of coverage advice, and lack of coverage availability.
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How Nonprofit General Liability Affects Hiring Independent Contractors

Most well informed nonprofit owners and managers know they need numerous insurance policies to protect themselves and their organization from a variety of lawsuits and claims. Some of the most common are general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Yet many fail to realize how these policies inform the decision-making process involved in hiring independent contractors. General […]
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