Nonprofit Insurance Explained

Is Nonprofit Insurance Getting Harder to Find?

Yes, unfortunately nonprofit insurance is getting harder to find and purchase. Why? Two reasons… First, many insurance companies are discontinuing coverage for certain types of nonprofit organizations. These include, but aren’t limited to, youth programs, all types of shelters, rehab programs, animal related activities, and more. And, for those nonprofits who can maintain their current programs […]
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The Role of your Broker in your Nonprofit Insurance Program

  I work with a broad scope of nonprofit organizations across the country and find that some folks still don’t fully understand the role of their insurance broker in their nonprofit insurance program.  Ideally, your insurance broker acts as a professional consultant to your nonprofit. He or she works with the organization to understand the risks it faces and then helps to determine the best […]
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Do NPO's Need Cyber Liability Coverage?

  We’ve had a lot of clients asking us about Cyber Liability recently.  They all seem to be a bit panicked about what it is and whether they need it. The insurance industry does a good job of doing that… So, I thought a quick review might be helpful for everyone.
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Why Nonprofits Need Property Insurance

  FACT: One nonprofit focused insurance company reported over $25,000,000 in property losses for the California Paradise wildfire. Many non-profits, especially new or smaller non-profits, overlook property coverage when considering their overall insurance program. Unless coverage is required by a lender or landlord the insuring of tangible assets may not even be part of the larger insurance […]
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Contracts & Your Nonprofit Insurance

    So, your nonprofit just signed a contract for a new grant through your local municipality. Now they want you to send them the required insurance documents.  No problem.  You just send a copy of the contract to your insurance broker and let them figure it out.  That’s what they get paid for after all! That’s when things start going downhill.  Your broker tells you that you don’t have the […]
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Critical Strategies and Avoidable Pitfalls in Nonprofit Insurance Coverages

Nonprofits need insurance as part of their risk management strategy. However, buying insurance is not as simple as many organizations think. Nonprofits need to consider the risks specific to their mission and environment. Speaking with a knowledgeable insurance agent will help, but it is good to know some basics before beginning the insurance process. The following are several dos and don’ts for […]
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