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The Role of your Broker in your Nonprofit Insurance Program

  I work with a broad scope of nonprofit organizations across the country and find that some folks still don’t fully understand the role of their insurance broker in their nonprofit insurance program.  Ideally, your insurance broker acts as a professional consultant to your nonprofit. He or she works with the organization to understand the risks it faces and then helps to determine the best […]
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Contracts & Your Nonprofit Insurance

    So, your nonprofit just signed a contract for a new grant through your local municipality. Now they want you to send them the required insurance documents.  No problem.  You just send a copy of the contract to your insurance broker and let them figure it out.  That’s what they get paid for after all! That’s when things start going downhill.  Your broker tells you that you don’t have the […]
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How Nonprofit General Liability Affects Hiring Independent Contractors

Most well informed nonprofit owners and managers know they need numerous insurance policies to protect themselves and their organization from a variety of lawsuits and claims. Some of the most common are general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Yet many fail to realize how these policies inform the decision-making process involved in hiring independent contractors. General […]
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Four Often Unanticipated Reasons People Sue Nonprofits

Nonprofit leaders often invest in insurance as a means to mitigate risk, but this is not quite an accurate assessment. Insurance policies help manage the financial fallout following exposure to certain risks—it does, however, prevent them. Although combing through the numerous scenarios that can affect a charitable association can make nonprofit managers’ heads swim, it is vital to maintaining a […]
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