Nonprofit Insurance Explained

What Insurance Limits Does My Nonprofit Need?

This is a question we get frequently and it's impossible to answer.  We can't look into the future to see what might happen that would result in a claim and even if we could there is no way of knowing what the cost of that potential claim would be.  Coverage limit determinations are part of the overall risk analysis all nonprofits should do when reviewing their nonprofit insurance program. […]
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Nonprofit Orgs need GL and D&O Insurance Coverage at a Minimum

I am approached by many nonprofits that say they need General Liability, or they need Directors & Officers Liability but not both. However, I always recommend both because these two coverages are the cornerstones of any effective nonprofit risk management and insurance program. These two coverages provide completely different types of insurance protections for your nonprofit organization.  It is […]
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5 Essentials of Cyber Liability Your Board Needs to Consider

Who ever thought there would be such a thing as Cyber Liability? We all seem to take our electronic devises and ability to communication electronically for granted these days. Unfortunately, the more we depend on these things the more complacent we become about the risks involved. And, that complacency is exactly what cyber criminals’ prey on. Thankfully, there is Cyber Insurance available to […]
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Failure to Insure - A Trap for Nonprofit Organizations

Many smaller or start-up nonprofit organizations struggle to find money in their budget for even the most basic nonprofit insurance coverage. Over and above the ethical consideration that you protect the community and your clients from damages due to the organization's negligent actions, there is an inherent risk to the personal assets of the nonprofit organization's individual directors and […]
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COVID19 and your Nonprofit Insurance

Among all the things that are frustrating about living through the COVID19 pandemic probably the most frustrating is the simple lack of not knowing. We don’t know how to deal with it. We don’t know when we will have a vaccine or if it will work. We don’t know the long-term effects on our economy. And so much more! As you can imagine, we field many questions from our clients about how possible […]
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How to Handle Nonprofit Risk Management

Nonprofits differ from for-profit organizations in several ways – some more subtle than others. Yet all businesses are exposed to a number of risks. Every business, no matter its aims, has a unique risk profile. Unlike their for-profit counterparts, many nonprofits lack the appropriate degree of risk management. In fact, less than a quarter of nonprofits have a dedicated risk manager. This is a […]
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