Nonprofit Insurance Digest

Why Nonprofits Need Property Insurance

  FACT: One nonprofit focused insurance company reported over $25,000,000 in property losses for the California Paradise wildfire. Many non-profits, especially new or smaller non-profits, overlook property coverage when considering their overall insurance program. Unless coverage is required by a lender or landlord the insuring of tangible assets may not even be part of the larger insurance […]
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The Basics: Property Insurance for Non-profits

Every nonprofit owns business property, and you may also own the building in which you run your operations. Property insurance protects the physical assets your nonprofit owns–such as computers, office equipment, buildings, furniture, fixtures, and other property. Every nonprofit should have a comprehensive property insurance portfolio to respond to the many risks associated with property […]
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Santa Cruz Business Owners – What’s Missing in your Insurance Policy?

Many if not most businesses lease equipment of one sort or another.  Unfortunately these same businesses often think that coverage for these items is automatically covered in their property insurance policy.  Just last week I was working with a Santa Cruz insurance client who needed to send a Certificate of Insurance to a leasing company but didn’t have the appropriate coverage so they turned to […]
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