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5 Ways to Avoid Claims on Your Non-Profit D&O Insurance

If your nonprofit has done any organizational risk assessment at all then you already know the need for directors & officers coverage (D&O)—and you most likely include D&O liability as part of your insurance portfolio. But, you never want to use it, do you? Yes, that’s the conundrum of insurance. It’s important to not only buy the right nonprofit insurance to fit your unique needs but also to […]
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Santa Cruz Insurance – 3 Tips for Mainstreet Business Owners

It’s often the small details that can make a big difference in life.  We see a lot of unpaid insurance claims because business owners just by the cheapest policy they can and ignore the details.  I was working this week with a local Santa Cruz business on their insurance program and they didn’t even have close to the coverage they needed.  We fixed up their insurance program for them and it made […]
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3 Things You May Not Know about Your General Liability Insurance

I’ve been in the insurance industry for almost 20 years and I’ve worked with many, many businesses on their General Liability insurance and sometimes I’m even confronted with a coverage question I can’t immediately answer.  The truth is that Commercial General Liability is a very, very complicated and confusing policy contract and it’s no wonder that policyholders don’t understand it very well. […]
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What Some People Forget in Their General Liability Insurance Quotes

I’m the first one to say that the cornerstone to your business insurance coverage is the General Liability coverage.  This is true but one element that is often ignored when you discuss General Liability insurance quotes is the appropriate limit.  These days, the economy being what it is, we are seeing an incredible increase in claims so choosing right limit is particularly important.  More often […]
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Business Liability Insurance: 3 Little Known Facts

Reading your Business Liability Insurance can seem more like a cure for insomnia than a way to better understand your coverage.  Most business owners understand that they need to understand their policies and coverage but do not want to devote the time to read and interpret the cumbersome legalese.  What is all this business of “this is covered, but not if this happens, but it still is if […]
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What to do in the event of an Insurance claim or loss? #1

You do all the right things to protect your buisness:  promote good safety practices, hire the best people, consult with your  broker annually about your insurance coverage and buy the best insurance policies you can afford.  Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it.  You also have to be prepared if something goes wrong.  We find that often when faced with a claim situation, insureds just don’t […]
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