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Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Volunteers?

People who volunteer often do so because they receive an emotional or practical benefit. While volunteers play a critical role in the operation of many nonprofit organizations, they do pose unique risks. As the shortage of reliable volunteers grows, nonprofits need to consider the risks their unpaid staff pose as part of their overall risk management strategy. The following are several risks that […]
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Non Profit Risk Management in 2018

Many nonprofits inadvertently overlook the risks that threaten their volunteers, workers, and organization as a whole. This is not to say nonprofits need be more vigilant than for-profit organizations; but rather that it’s crucial to prepare for the risks unique to their field of work. Volunteer Injuries State laws require for-profit organizations to provide workers’ compensation insurance. […]
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What Is Volunteer Accident Coverage?

Volunteers are an important part of your nonprofit organization. Without them, much of your work would not be completed. While using volunteers is a cost-effective option for operating on a low budget, there are inherent risks that come with this decision. Volunteers are often young and inexperienced. This inexperience can lend itself to on-the-job injuries while operating machinery. Without […]
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Does Your Non-Profit Need Volunteer Accident Coverage?

Let’s talk about volunteer accident coverage for a minute. As a nonprofit organization, having volunteers can be invaluable: You’re determined to help your community any way you can, and thus people put aside their time (and maybe even take time away from their paying job) for no other reason than to help you achieve that. They deserve the best protection you can reasonably offer them, and they […]
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