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4 Key Insurance Coverages for Nonprofits

Insurance is a big subject full of words that nobody uses in their daily lives.  Insurance for Nonprofits can seem more complicated by the fact that insurance was originally created with for-profit businesses in mind, so it’s not always obvious how the various pieces fit together to create the specific programs needed by most organizations.  However, because it’s specialized we can simplify the […]
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3 Things Nonprofits Need to Know about Terminating Volunteers

  Let’s face it, the vast majority of nonprofits can’t exist without the help of volunteer labor. As incredible as it is that so many people want to give their time and energy to contribute to their communities and social causes, these people still need to be managed, and the risk associated with volunteers still needs to be managed. Just like all other areas of risk management combined with your […]
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Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Volunteers?

People who volunteer often do so because they receive an emotional or practical benefit. While volunteers play a critical role in the operation of many nonprofit organizations, they do pose unique risks. As the shortage of reliable volunteers grows, nonprofits need to consider the risks their unpaid staff pose as part of their overall risk management strategy. The following are several risks that […]
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