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Workers’ Compensation and Independent Contractors

Outside of general liability claims, lawsuits related to injured workers can bankrupt a nonprofit organization without adequate workers’ comp as well. This type of insurance protects employees who are injured while performing work duties. While the requirements for workers’ comp vary from state to state, most do not require it for 1099 independent contractors. Most states do not require […]
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What Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

What Is the Purpose of Workers’ Compensation Liability Insurance? This insurance policy is designed to protect both the employee and the employer from an unfortunate injury that is sustained while on the job. This insurance package protects an organization from any unexpected injuries on the job site. It will cover an employee for lost wages, medical expenses and time away from work if your […]
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How to Cut Your Workers’ Comp Premium in Half

Let’s not beat around the bush. Every dollar counts when you’re budgeting the expenses of a nonprofit organization. When you’re navigating potential costs such as salaries, stipends, and event coordination, even something as important and desirable as workers’ compensation can seem like a dismaying cost. In Case You’re Wondering What Workers’ Comp Is… Workers’ compensation is among the most […]
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Demystifying Workers’ Compensation Audits

You pay for your workers’ compensation policy every month, and you think that’s the end of it. Then you get a request from the insurance company to conduct an audit. Very confusing. You thought you had paid the premium, and now they want to do an audit? What you may not know is that nearly all workers’ compensation policy premiums are based on a “best guess” payroll estimate that you provide to […]
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Why Non-Profit Organizations Need Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Any large unexpected expense could lead to financial ruin for nonprofit organizations, given their shoestring budget. Getting the right type of liability insurance can protect against the biggest risks. One of the insurance coverage options that nonprofit organizations should consider is workers’ compensation coverage. Here’s why. What Is Workers Compensation Coverage? Workers’ compensation […]
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