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How to Reduce the Risk of Sexual Misconduct Claims

Improper sexual misconduct has taken center stage as countless individuals have come forward with intolerable accounts of harassment and abuse. While nonprofits may believe they are safe from such legal entanglements, recent headlines suggest otherwise. Some of the most shocking charges against nonprofit organizations include: USA Gymnastics came under fire after hundreds of girls came forward to […]
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3 Fun Ways to Prevent Workplace Injuries and Workers Comp Claims

“Safety, Workplace Hazards, Employee Accidents, blah, blah, blah…”  Sometimes I think that’s what employees here when employers talk about preventing injuries and workplace safety.  If you really want to protect your employees and lower Workers Compensation claims and hopefully decrease your Worker’s Comp premiums then you need to get buy in from your workers. Let’s face it, nobody wants a […]
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3 Things You Should know about Diversification and Workers Comp

These days it seems that most businesses are taking a hard look at their bottom line and how to improve it.   We’ve had many conversations with our clients about expanded and diversified operations and how that effects their Workers Comp insurance.  It’s great when a business owner thinks about how a change in operations will effect their insurance coverage and calls us to discuss it.  However, a […]
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3 Great Ways to Fight Fraud and Keep Workers Comp Premiums Low

We all know that a big factor in determining Workers Comp Premiums is loss history.  Well there are a lot of things that businesses can do to keep the number and severity of workplace injuries to a minimum but fraudulent claims can be very hard to control.  What’s worse is that even one fraudulent claim can have a negative effect on the workplace environment and the attitude of your workers.  […]
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Volunteer Insurance: Do You Have the Right Plan in Place

While every nonprofit is grateful for the the time and energy contributed by their volunteers the challenge of safely managing the volunteers is often overlooked.   Most nonprofit employer’s closely manage their employees utilizing employee safety meetings, workers compensation insurance and an employee manual to set standards of performance an behavior.  Rarely are similar steps taken to address […]
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Good Attitude = Fewer Workers’ Comp. Claims

Did you know that employee attitude is one of the most important elements of workplace safety?  Studies consistently show that companies that encourage team building, a positive workplace and Workers’ Comp. incentive programs have fewer claims and lower Workers Comp. premiums. However, attitudes can be challenging to define and difficult to foster.  The key is to integrate communications and […]
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